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Created 26-Feb-12
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Hi APC family,
This is a gallery of photos from our annual church picnic.
Many people have asked over the years how they can see or get copies of these photos. As you could imagine, if I tried to fulfill requests one by one it would get a little complicated.
After you log in to this site, you will be able to browse and enjoy all the photos.
If you would like to have a copy of any of the files they are available to purchase via papal or credit card.
I am using the proceeds from this gallery to raise support for an APC STM (shot term mission) trip in the near future.
Please share with as many people as you wish, especially if you see their photo here.
I will be adding addition galleries from previous years over the next few weeks.
All the years I have been doing the picnic photos for the church I have not received nor did I expect any kind of payment.
Thanks for taking the time, and I welcome your feedback.



2010 Picnic

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2010 Picnic

2011 Picnic

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Created 5-Mar-21
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2009 Picnic

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Created 14-May-12
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2009 Picnic


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Created 13-Jun-17
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Dion Weir

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Created 5-Mar-21
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Dion Weir